Terms and Conditions

Notes about Walking, Bus Travel and Accommodations:

  • WALKING: Most of our tours involve a moderate to substantial amount of walking and many of the streets and sidewalks are cobblestone. Castles, cathedrals and other buildings are often centuries old and there are generally no “accessibility” laws outside of the US. Some buildings we tour will have stairs only, and hills or inclines to get up to them, no elevators, and sometimes no handrails. If you have mobility issues, we recommend traveling with a companion. Ability to board a motor coach bus, and the understanding that some sites may not be handicapped accessible is required. Stability devices are encouraged. We recommend comfortable, solid-soled hiking-style shoes. If you are unsure if one of our tours is for you, please call us to discuss your options.
  • BUSES: We hire quality luxury motor coaches with licensed drivers. It takes time to get you from one iconic location to the next, and some of the panoramic vistas can only be taken in by driving them. Some tours may include up to 3-4 hours a day on a bus.
  • HOTELS: Beds in Europe are different than in the US. They are often two single beds moved together to form a double or pulled apart for a twin room. Single rooms could be either a double bed or a single bed.
    • Air Conditioning – Some countries including Ireland, Scotland and the Czech Republic do not have air conditioning in every hotel as weather is temperate in most months of the year. Since most of our tours do not happen during the hot summer months, this is rarely a problem. If you feel air conditioning is mandatory to your comfort, please check the tour listing carefully for notations on air conditioning, or ask prior to travel.

Flight Delays

  • You may choose to fly with any airline you like and arrive any time on or before the morning the tour begins. We recommend arriving at least one day early if you are not flying with our group air. This avoids the challenges and disappointments incurred by delayed flights. We are happy to arrange accommodations at our host hotel if you arriving early.
  • If your flight is delayed, the tour must go on as scheduled and it will be your responsibility to “catch up” with the tour. If we are staying in the city of arrival, this will simply mean getting to the hotel and joining us wherever we are during the day. If the tour has moved to another city, it may mean securing transportation to that city. While CAT will do everything we can to advise you and assist where possible in making these travel arrangements for you, it is outside of the scope of the tour. All additional costs incurred are your responsibility (one great reason for travel insurance). While we like to do everything we can for our guests, we can make no promises that we will be available to “sort it out” for you while we are conducting the tour for the other guests.

Passports – Many European countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of departure. Since you could fly through one of these regions, we strongly recommend your passport have at least six months validity remaining from return date  whenever you travel abroad.  

IMPERATIVE! The name given to Creative Adventures for air travel match your passport exactly.

Legal Disclaimer: While Creative Adventures LLC makes every effort to provide on-time service, it does not guarantee its departure and arrival times, which may be delayed by any number of factors, including weather, traffic or road conditions, mechanical problems or any other cause or condition beyond Creative Adventures Tours’ control. Creative Adventures LLC reserves the right to cancel or change any tour, advertised schedule or route without notice. In the case of cancellation by Creative Adventures Tours, where Creative Adventures chooses to cancel the tour,  full refunds will be made, releasing Creative Adventures LLC from any further obligation. The aforementioned policy does not apply to tours that must be canceled for reasons that are beyond the control of Creative Adventures LLC, as listed below.
Creative Adventures LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for injury, loss, or damage to persons or property, inconvenience, delay, or expense arising from or caused by weather conditions, acts of God, war, accident, government restrictions or regulations, from any act or omission of any individual, traffic or road conditions, mechanical problems or any other cause or condition beyond Creative Adventures Tours’ control.
Registered guests of any Creative Adventures Tour who book airfare, additional nights, and other arrangements are solely responsible for all arrangements, regardless of tour changes or cancellation of the tour.

Refund Policy

Each of our tours has a published non-refundable date. Until that date, all or part of your deposits are refundable, as outlined for that tour. After the published non-refundable dates, if you cancel your tour, or if Creative Adventures LLC is forced to cancel the tour for reasons beyond their control as listed in the Legal Disclaimer, Creative Adventures Tours is not obligated to issue a refund.

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