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Our Mission

Our mission is in our name…
Creative Adventures
Each Creative Adventures tour is designed around these elements:

  • Creative artists, designers, store owners, master craftsmen, local bands, authors and photographers are at the core of every tour. They tell us where they want to go. We create a tour. And they invite you on the adventure.
  • Creative Destinations means that not only will you see the popular tourist sights for which the location is famous, but we also take you behind the scenes to see things of special interest to your group, and little hidden gems that still hold the authentic charm of the region.
  • Creative Time allow you to get hands-on with jewelry making, cooking, glass blowing, bead making, photography, writing, or jamming with the band at the local pub or in your VIP concert seating.
  • Adventures Together with your favorite artist and friends from around the world who share your passion. Traveling together gives you unprecedented access for an entire week that you could not get in a class or concert.
  • Adventures to Places Around the World making once-in-a-lifetime memories and friends that last a lifetime!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning. Our story is woven like a tapestry of happy accidents beginning in 2005 when brand new bead store owner Lisa Busch bought her first beads from Czech bead importer Jon Kubricht at Da Beads Inc. But actually, the story is even older…

In 1990, at the age of 12, Jon was on a family vacation to the Southwest Native American Reservations. He saw the variety of beaded and silver jewelry and decided to make a necklace and earrings for his mother and grandmother. They were in instant hit with all their friends. Over time Jon sold at garden and house walks, charity and church events and eventually landed a contract for two of his designs with Nordstroms at the age of 16. Skipping ahead to 1998 Jon make his first trip to the Czech Republic. Czech glass now makes up about 70% of the beads he imports in addition to beads from China and Thailand. In 2008 Jon led his first bead tour to the Czech Republic for bead store owners. Lisa went on that tour…

During her 9 years of bead store ownership, Lisa had the privilege of meeting and hosting many of the industry’s best bead artists, among them, Jill Wiseman, Amy Katz, Sherry Serafini, Laura Andrews and many more. After touring the bead region of the Czech Republic with Jon, she dreamed of offering a tour to her bead store customers. Little did she know when she sold the store in 2014 that a door would open at a local tour company where that dream once again blossomed….

And so a new adventure began…

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