Our Artists

Our Artists bring the magic!

Selected for their amazing talent and fun, upbeat, infectious personalities, our artists are the glue that bring our tours together. The tell us where they want to travel and what special amenities they would like to include on their tour, making each tour unique to that artist.

Here are the artists we are working with currently…
Hong Kong – Feb/Mar 2019

Mexico with…
January 12-19, 2018

Jon and Cathi have been working together for years as he supplied beads to her store – Bead Creative – in New Hampshire. From my first conversation with her I knew that Cathi was the prefect tour partner. We are excited to be partnering with her to bring you the wonders of the Mexico silver industry!

Do you know an artist you think would be a great tour partner or that you would like to travel with.

Email us to nominate her/him today!

If you are the first to nominate someone and we select your nomination, we will give you $100 off that tour in addition to any other discounts offered.